The lastest development of GeoSan Kft., the Geo-Game Repellent product, recieved its Use and Marketing Authorisation in 2020. Due to the continuous and intensive experiment over 4 years and to the adjustments to raw material compositions, it has resulted in a highly effective game repellent.

 The basic idea was to reduce the chewing damage of hares and deer in sunflower and corn, as these are the two largest crops in terms of game damage in the lowlands. The goal was to create an effective but easy-to-apply wild repellent composition that resulted in a liquid, water-soluble concentration that could effectively keep small and large game away from the treated culture.

The Game Repellent


The effect is achieved with its unpleasant taste, chewing properties and odor.

We also got surprising results during our experiments. After sowing the corn, it kept wild boars away by spraying it on the ground, it also showed effective protection against field voles and mice and neither pheasants nor crows scratched the seed pelleted with the Geo-Game Repellent. Not to mention the damage caused by crickets. Our tests also covered our two most significant populations of big game species, the red deer and the fallow deer. We have found that they extremely poorly tolerate plants treated with Geo-Geme Repellent, be it agricultural, viticultural or forestry crops. A special method was successful in controlling the wild boars digging damage: after sowing, the wild boar stayed away by spraying the liquid on the soil and compacting it. There was a slight difference without compression or machining, therefore this session must be applied in any case!


 We have found that it is not enough to have an extremely intolerable taste, so we also use many different ingredients that keep the returning game away based on the smell, this is why a sweet, mint-flavoured fragrance has been used. Its dual mode of action thus consists of the primary taste perception and the associated olfactory experience. During the first attempt of the game, the agent achieves its alarming effect with its unpleasant taste and chewing properties, which further results in the absence of the animal due to the associated odor effect.

General Use


 In order to protect the green shoots of field crops during the growing season, the product should be preventively applied spraying. The dose per hectare is 1 liter / ha diluted with 80-300 liters of water with split treatment (2 X 0.5 liters / ha). The wide dilution range allows the herd to be treated with high-clearance spayers as well as to protect wild boars from grazing at the same time as the fungicide application. This wide dilution allows the use of different sprayers, so no other investment is required. However the most ideal is to mix the 0.5 liter Geo-Game Repellent with 120-150 liters of water.


 Date of application if the emerging plant is to be protected: from 2 to 4 leaf stages to the beginning of flowering every 14 to 21 days, if the weather conditions are not ideal, a third treatment may be required.

If the sunflower is to be treated in cotyledons, the technology partly changes: it is recommended to dilute 0.3 liters of Geo-Game Repellent with 80 liters of water when the game reappears, but a second treatment with a normal dose (0.5 liters of wild alarm, 150 liters of water) is necessary at the stage of 2-4 leaves at the latest. If a third treatment is required, do so 14 to 21 days later if the wild game does not appear earlier in the treated culture.


In the case of large boards, edge treatment is also a solution, which we apply with a minimum width of 20 meters.

Our product is also provided with an adhesion promoter adjuvant. Mixing tests were performed with liquid foliar fertilizers (GeoLomb product family), live cell preparation (AlgaSanBa), and plant conditioner (Novosil) and in no case were there any problems, so we can confidently say that it can be mixed widely, thus reducing the cost of application.  

It can also be mixed with herbicides and fungicides, but always perform a mixing test before application!

Pests and Cultures


Harmful wild species: hare, deer

Damaged crops: sunflowers, corn, cereals

Treatment: Mix 0.5 liters of Geo-Game Repellent with 120-150 liters of water, use it from 2-4 leaves stage every 14-21 days.

When damaging sunflowers in the cotyledon state: it is recommended to dilute 0.3 liters of Geo-Game Repellent with 80 liters of water when the game reappears, but a second treatment with a normal dose (0.5 liters of wild alarm, 150 liters of water) is necessary at the stage of 2-4 leaves at the latest. In this case a third treatment may be required as the stock grows.

Harmful wild species: deer (male, female)

Damaged crops: sunflowers, corn, cereals, canola

Treatment: Mix 0.5 liters of Geo-Wild Alarm with 120-150 liters of water, from 2-4 leaves stage every 14-21 days.

In sunflower to star bud state: 0.5 liters of Geo-Game Repellent diluted with 80 liters of water and applied with high-clearance spayer.

Damaged crops: grapes

3-4 liters of Geo- Game Repellent diluted with 80 liters of water can keep deer away by spraying on fresh shoots and trunks. If a second treatment is required, the concentration can be reduced.

Harmful species: wild boar

Damaged crops: maize

Treatment: the digging damage can be eliminated by 0.5 liters of Geo-Game Repellent with 120-150 liters of water sprayed on the ground after sowing and compacted with a stick or rubber cylinder.

Harmful wild species: pheasant, crow, red dove

Damaged crops: corn, sunflowers

Treatment: dressing

2 dl Geo-Game Repellent is needed for seventy thousand seed number, use enough water to keep all the seeds moist, so we can effectively keep pests away.

Harmful species: geese

Damaged crops: cereals

We were successful in controlling the geese only during the spring time. 0.5 liters of Geo-Game Repellent should be diluted with 120-150 liters of water. The birds completely stopped damaging. The winter treatment has not been successful so far.

Other Information

The Geo-Game Repellent can be used in any field culture. It is not harmful for bees, however application must be avoided during flowering, as some of its ingredients can inhibit pollination.

The product has produced outstanding results during the experiments of the NÉBIH licensing process, both in comparison with the control areas and with other chemicals on the market.

For general treatments up to a field size of 20 ha, the dose is 1 liter / ha with 2 X 0.5 liter split treatments.


In the case of an area larger than 20 ha, edge treatment is also a solution, which must be applied in a minimum width of 20 meters.


Due to its easy use and outstanding efficiency, users / farmers will certainly be happy to apply it to their crops. Geo-Game Repellent is a suitable and affordable alternative for both hunters and farmers.



1 liter bottle (only for farm shops and distributors supplying farm shops)

10 liter can

20 liter can

50 liter balloon

600 liter IBC



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